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Intermittent Neck Traction
Neck pain can be caused by degenearative changes or joint stiffness. When a nerve root is impinged, pain and abnormal sensation along the upper limb, neck and scapular region will be caused. Mechanical separation of vertebrae induced by neck traction can reduce the pressure on nerve root which is impinged by prolapsed intervertebral disc, osteophytes or inflamed soft tissues. It can also mobilize facet joints, promote muscle relaxation and relieve pain. Our physiotherapists will decide the angle, poundage, and time factor of neck traction according to each patient ‘s condition.


Intermittent pelvic traction
Mechanical pelvic traction can relieve the pressure on nerve root impinged by prolapsed intervertebral disc and degenerative changes in lumbar spine that may cause back pain and lower limb radiated pain, numbness and weakness. It also can relieve muscle tightness and joint stiffness.
Combination of mechanical pelvic traction, manual therapy and exercise therapy can enhance treatment effectiveness and prevent recurrence of back pain. Back care is also important as well.

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