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Treatment modalities_Manipulative Physio



Manipulative Therapy
Manipulative therapy is a skilled technique. They aim to mobilizing different structural barriers of the body in order to increase range of motion of joints and flexibility of soft tissues as well as decreasing related pain syndrome. It includes a variety of mobilization, manipulation, positional release therapy, craniosacral therapy and fascial release therapy etc.

Joint Mobilization Technique
Mobilization is a passive movement technique performed within a functional or available range for particular joints. It can relieve pain and increase or maintain range of movement of joint.

Soft Tissue Mobilization and Relaxation Technique
For some chronic pain syndromes, the source of pain may not due to joint stiffness or degenerative change, but overuse of soft tissue (e.g. muscle, fascia), soft tissue tightness or spasm. Soft tissue mobilization technique is a skilled technique using direct contact on the involved area or indirect methods in order to promote relaxation and pain relief.

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